Instructions XACARS

1. If you have already installed the XACARS set for another company:
You must go to the folder where you have installed and copy it.
Normally the folder is called XAcars for MSFS. You must rename the copy to XAcars for MSFS - IBE (for example)
. Once copied, you must send the executable (XACARS_MSFS.exe) to the desktop as a shortcut. Once you created the shortcut you must rename the same way as in the previous point.
We passed the point 3.

2. If you have installed the XACAR:
usually install it like any other program.
3. Configuration: We open the program and click on XACARS PREFERENCES

  On ACARS Server URL we write:
  On PIREP Server URL we write:
  On FLIGHTINFO URL we write:
  On ACARS Server User we write our username (IBEXXXX)
  On ACARS Server Password we write our Password
  On TIME Interval for POS Reports (minutes) we write 1
  Mark the box Enable LiveACARS
  Mark the box Enable PIREP
  Press on SAVE and EXIT
  We have set our XACARS
  You should stay something like this:

3. Use
With the simulator ready, the aircraft at the departure airport, parking brakes and engines put off, we started our XACARS
In Flight NO. We insert our flight number, eg .: IBE0045
Click on Get ACARS FlightData hope and our flight data appear.
Click on Start ACARS. We started our flight normally.

When we finished our flight. We are parked in the parking lot, with the brakes and the engines shut down.
Click on View PIREP
Click on SEND

If all went well you will see a confirmation message and your flight will be over
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